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Beaktime Beakup Waterer Cups

Chicken Watering and Feedering Supplies

BeaKup chicken watering cups

Beakup Chicken Cup Waterer

The Beakup Chicken Waterer is a low pressure system designed to keep chickens hydrated with an efficient large base of water and cups full of water to allow chickens to drink in a way that is natural and comfortable. Each unit has 2 cups. Insulatino not included. Connects to 1/2" PVC pipe.


Beaktime chickens
Chicken waterer kit

Beakup Automatic Hose Waterer System

Comes with Everything you need
5 gallon food-grade bucket with
lid & filling connector hose and beakup (Assembled). Water Unit does not include insulation as in picture.


Auto Chicken Hanging Waterer

2 Liter Hanging Cup Waterer

Ready to hang in a coop with S hooks
for easy install
Hang inside the coop as a way to keep chickens on cup waterers during winter


Beaktime for Chickens
chicken watering nipple system

All-In-One Cup Waterer

Easy to install   Easy to fill
24" Tall
Complete Watering System


chicken drinekrs

chicken tube feeder

All-In-One Feeder

Easy to install
Easy to fill
24" Tall
Our Easiest Feeding System


chicken water cups
Auto Chicken Hanging Waterer chicken nipple waterer cups

No-ReFilling Beakup

Line comes with 2 cups and pressure reducer
Mounts to wall or cage with secure fittings.
Hook up directly to your garden hose and never have to refill.


beaktime chicken
9 round baby chicken feederBeaKup chicken watering cups

Multi Chick Feeder

Round feeder allows chickens to eat without fighting.
No sharp edges, rusting or corrosion like with metal
9" diameter. Angled to keep chickens off food

No longer available from manufacturer. We are in the process of replacing this unit with similar chick feeder
Automatic Poultry Watering System

Chick Waterer Jar and Base

Excellent for baby chicks
Small rim prevents drowning
Holds 1 Quart


Chicken automatic waterer kitChicken waterer system
Float Valve "Always Full"
Waterer System

1 Gallon Bucket with float valve, lid
2 cups with cage brackets, garden hose adapter
Price: $69.99

pet chickens
chicken waterer cupchicken drinking automatic cup
Chicken automatic drink cup

Chicken Waterer Cup

Package of Five (5)

Connect to any water source of your choice.
Nipple valve releases water when chickens drink


chicken watererBeaKup chicken watering cups

Chick/Small Bird Cups

Package of Two (2)
Float valve controls water level
so the cup is always full. Use cage mount (below) to connect to tubing.


chicken water
Bucket Poultry Waterer

Bucket 2 cup Waterer

5 Gallon Bucket Waterer with 2 cups. Automatic cups provide fresh water for chickens by releasing it as they drink, preventing stagnant or spilled water.


Poultry waterer cup bracket Poultry waterer cup bracket

Water Cup Cage Mount

Used to mount water cup to cage


Chicken Water Mount and Guard Poultry Water Mount and Guard

1/2" PVC Tee Bracket

Slides on PVC without PVC cement for quick secure fit


Chicken waterer cup bracket Poultry waterer cup bracket

1/2" Black PVC Bracket

Used to attach water cup to PVC


chicken waterer connecting tee

1/4" Tee
Connect your hose to the Tee
to extend your cup system
tube clamp

Tube Clamps

Secure your tube with these adjustable
clamps for a tight leak-free fit

Package of 5


chicken waterer hose connector chicken waterer hose connector

1/4" Tube Connector

Screw connector into the bucket and secure with 1/2" nut
Connect tubing to barbed end to fill a PVC unit or tubing connected directly to cage bracket



Chicken Waterer tube Hose

5/16" Tee

Connect your hose to the Tee
to extend your cup system


chicken waterer pvc adapter

1/2" PVC Adapter

Connect PVC to your bucket


chicken waterer nut

1/2" Connector Securing Nut

Keep the Connector tight on your bucket to avoid leaks


chicken waterer hose connectorchicken waterer hose connector

3/8" Tube Connector
Connect Beakup tube to bucket
with 1/2" threaded base
Can be secured with 1/2" Nut

chicken watererpressure reducing valve

Pressure Reducing Valve

Lower the pressure to your system below 5psi
Connects directly to a garden hose on one side
Connect to tubing on the other
Can be used with Beakup or cups directly attaching to tubing with cage bracket


Automatic Poultry Watering SystemWinter Waterer System
Winter 2 Cup Heated Waterer Bucket

The perfect waterer for the very cold winter months
5 Gallons supplying water to 2 cups.
Heated water keeps water between 85 - 110 degrees F
Price: $64.99

diy teflon tape

Teflon Tape

1/2" x 260" Teflon Thread Seal Tape


soft hose tubing Tube for waterer cups

White PVC Cement

1/4 Fluid Oz


Chicken Waterer tube Hose

Chicken Leg Bands

Qty: 10
One of each color:


piglet drinkerpig drinker

2 3/4" Piglet Nipple Drinker

Stainless Steal spring and dome screen
Thread: 1/2" NPT (american Pipe Standard)
Adjustable Flow
Suitable for Sows, Boards, Fattner Pigs, Growers and piglets
Save Water and labor

Price: $6.99

piglet drinkerpig drinker

3" Hog Nipple Drinker

Stainless Steal spring and dome screen
Thread Connector: 1/2" NPT (american Pipe Standard)
Adjustable Flow
Suitable for Sows, Boards, Fattner Pigs, Growers and piglets
Save Water and labor

Price: $7.99

piglet drinkerpig drinker

3" Hog Ball Bite Drinker

The ball bite drinkers force the pig to hold the whole valve in its mouth and bite down to release water. At the same time pigs have to approach the ball drinker straight on. As a result pigs spill less water into the pit.

Price: $8.99

chicken feeder

Egg Brush

Keep your eggs clean with the Egg Brush
Made with a new formulated Ultra Soft rubber-like plastic.
This brush will eliminate blind checks and cracks because there are no hard surfaces


Bucket for Chicken watering chicken bucket

1 Gallon Bucket with Lid

Use with a float valve and you don't need the large bucket

Save Space


Chicken Waterer tube HoseChicken Waterer tube Hose

Float Valve

Connect to your bucket to keep the water full without manual filling.


Beaktime Poultry Supplies
Beaktime Chicken Water and Feed
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