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Information about chickens and chicken watering products

Famous Chickens
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How much to feed chicks

Beakups connect to a 5 gallon bucket through pvc pipe or hose. The water pressure from the bucket allows water to flow into the cups when chickens press the nipple valve while drinking. They are easy to clean and maintain.

If you prefer not to assemble anything, we offer pre-made and assembled systems.

Easy to set up.   Easy to maintain.

Easy Chicken Watering

BY: The Backyarder

Heating Your Coop

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Making a Float Valve Water Bucket

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Instructions to build a Beakup unit

Standard Beakup Setup:

Cut ½” Schedule 40 PVC to 18” length. Drill a 11/32” hole two inches from each end. Make sure the holes line up exactly or the cups will not sit straight. Apply generous amount of PVC cement on the bracket and place in the hole. Use a clamp to hold the bracket on the pipe while the cement sets. Once dried, add an end cap on one side and a pvc elbow on the other. Screw in the waterer cups so they are tight and level. Attach PVC to the elbow in the design you need for your coop. Attach the end piece of that pipe to a 5 gallon bucket with a pvc adapter piece. Add pvc cement or Teflon tape to that piece for a tight fit. On the inside of the bucket, screw a ½” nut onto the pvc adapter to secure it tight to the bucket.

Beaktime Supports 4H

2014 Winner of the Poultry Showmanship Award: Robin

We supported last year's winner for Best Chicken. It went to Robert Nemec

How much do baby chicks eat?
As a general rule, laying hens will eat about 9-10 pounds of food each in their first 10 weeks.
If you have 5 chicks, a 50 lb bag of feed should get you through their growing ages.
Make sure you do not switch to a layer feed to early or it can promote early growth that causes problems for the chickens.
We use a non-medicated chick starter and start feeding treats after they are a couple weeks old (strawberry tops, lettuce and many raw scraps)
If you feed treats, make sure to provide a dish of sand or fine gravel so that they can digest the food. Naturally they would be eating their food from the ground and getting little rocks and sand in the process.
We do not feed them anything that was seasoned with salt or any sauces/marinades

How hot should the chick brooder be?
As a general rule, you want your heat lamp at a height that provides 95 degrees fahrenheit on the floor below for the first week.

Every week you can raise the lamp enough to drop the temperature by 5 degrees until the chicks are fully feathered and can manage without the heat lamp.

A good way to make sure the temperature is correct is by watching the chicks. If they are crammed in close together under the light, they are trying to get as much heat as possible and need the lamp closer. If they are separated and on the outsides of the brooder, it is too hot and they are trying to get away from the heat so raise the lamp.

Before they have their feathers, chicks are very susceptible to cold weather and drafts.

Try to keep any breeze blocked and the temperature as constant as possible.

Countries Where Beaktime Products are used:

New Zealand
Puerto Rico
Saudi Arabia
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United States

  Celebrities with Chickens:

Martha Stewart

martha stewart

Julia Roberts julia roberts

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Tori Spelling Tori Spelling

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Miranda Lambert Miranda Lambert

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 Famous Chickens:

Cornelius -Corn Flakes

famous chickens

Foghorn Leghorn -Looney Tunes

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Family Guy Chicken

famous poultry

Henny Penny -Chicken Little

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Robot Chicken

robot chicken

Alfred Chicken

Alfred the chicken

Ginger -Chicken Run

Chicken Run Movie

Chicken -Cow and Chicken

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Camilla -Muppets

famous muppet chickens

Chicken Boo -Animaniacs
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Lady Cluck -Disney’s Robin Hood
famous disney chickens


Why we love the
BeaKup Chicken Waterer:

When we got our first batch of chicks and started the backyard chicken lifestyle, watering and feeding them was nothing more than an after thought.  All of our focus went into regulations and making their coop the most appealing to us and comfortable to our chcickens.  We were very happy with our coop but started to realize the problems with our feeder and waterer.  We bought a standard 1 gallon chicken waterer and 3 lb chicken feeder.  It was working fine but they took up a lot of space in the coop and I had to refill them with water and feed constantly.  Not only did I have to refill the chicken waterer, but I had to take it out, clean and scrub it until all of the green growth was removed; only to do the same thing the next weekend.  To solve this problem, I bought an even bigger chicken waterer and feeder.  I had to refill them less but now they were taking even more space and still had to be cleaned constanly.  Plus all of the effort we went into making everything look nice was out the window because we had a huge waterer and feeder in the middle of it all. The next step was the water nipple.  We loved it.  It held a large amount of water and ran against the wall so that it was not taking up any space.  The problem was that my chickens would not drink from it enough.  They would be thirsty and drink from it a little but when I let them out of the coop, they would RUN to the nearest mud puddle and suck what water they could form it.  I was nervous about them getting dehydrated, especially in the summer months.  Then we also noticed that they would always let water drain out in the process of drinking from them leaving water puddles on the bottom that started causing their coop to smell bad. Then we found Beakup chicken water cups and have never looked back.  they are like chicken nipple waterers in that they only release water when the chickens drink form them but they have the advantage of a cup full of water that they can freely drink from.  When they drink from the cup, they press the nipple valve and more water flows out.  That way, there is always the right amount of water in the cup.  We have been very happy with these water cups and can't imagine using any other water system for our chickens.

The Importance of Chicken Feed in Raising Healthier Chickens‏:

Like humans, chickens have different nutritional needs at different stages of their lives. To grow and develop optimally, chickens need a good supply of constant food. In this way, they can gain more weight and produce many eggs. The amount of food that chickens eat varies depending on their age and the method by which they feed. There are people who leave food for chicken all day, allowing them to eat whenever they want. There are those who give specific amounts of food two or three times a day. Chicken feed is not so difficult. It is always important to give the chickens plenty of water, clean and fresh. Too little water will cause dehydration, stress and decreased egg production. It is also necessary to maintain cleanliness in foraging chickens. This helps reduce the risk of diseases and the invasion of rodents. Finally, it is important to provide chickens with greens and vegetables. Besides being great for chicken health themselves, they also contribute to reduced feed costs. Chickens need a balanced diet. The plan itself should be a combination of proteins, grains, gravel and limestone, including vitamins and minerals. These nutrients can be found with optimal ranges in animal feed in pellet form. If food is granulated, the bird can eat more at a time. These pills contain all the nutrients needed by the chickens in a single stream. There are also those who like to mix their own rations because they want assurance that only natural ingredients used to feed their chicks. These foods include corn, oats, wheat, barley and milling by-products. Chicken feed is an important part of raising chickens. It is relatively easy because the chickens are omnivores and eat almost anything. They are also able to kill insects or worms in your garden. Make sure to ensure that chickens are healthy and they will be happy all the time. You can feed the chickens personally or put food in a feeding container. Like any other pet birds, they should have the right type and amount of food so they grow well and produce more eggs. Feeding chickens the proper way will result in the chickens being healthier and achieve an optimal size.

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