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BeaKup chicken waterer


Beakup Automatic Chicken Cup Waterer

The Beakup Chicken Waterer is a low pressure system designed to keep chickens hydrated with an efficient large base of water and cups full of water to allow chickens to drink in a way that is natural and comfortable. Each unit has 2 cups like in the picture. Connects to 1/2" PVC pipe.

Price: $19.99



chicken watering automatic systempoultry tube waterer cups


All-In-One Cup Waterer

Easy to install
Easy to fill
24" tall
Complete Watering System

Price: $28.99

Chicken waterer kit

Beakup Automatic Hose Waterer System

Comes with Everything you need
5 gallon food-grade bucket with
lid & filling hose to beakup waterer (Assembled). Waterer does not have insulation as in photo.

Price $62.99

Auto Chicken Hanging Waterer
2 Liter Hanging Cup Waterer

Ready to hang in a coop with S hooks
for easy install
Hang inside the coop as a way to keep chickens on cup waterers during winter

Price: $19.99

Auto Chicken Hanging Waterer
Fully Automatic Beakup

Insulated line with 2 cups.
Comes connected to Pressure Reducer so you can hook up directly to your garden hose and never have to refill.

Price: $69.99

Chicken Water Cup
5 Chicken Cup Waterers
with 1/2" PVC bracket



Chicken automatic waterer kit
Float Valve "Always Full"
Waterer System

1 Gallon Bucket with float valve, lid
2 cups with cage brackets, garden hose adapter

Special Price $69.99

Baby chick waterer

Chick Waterer Jar and Base

Holds 1 Quart

Excellent for small brooder with limited space


Chicken Water Cup
5 Chicken Cup Waterers
with cage mount for tubing



Chicken Waterer Cup
5 Chicken Cup Waterers
with 1/2" PVC brackets




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