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When will my chicks start to lay?

As a general rule, chickens will start laying eggs between 16 - 24 weeks.
I would plan on 24 so you are not disappointed if it takes the full time and happily suprised if they come early.
My first year with chicks I promised all of my friends and neighbors
that it would be 16 weeks and was embarrassed for two months since they took almost 24 weeks for them to begin laying.

Do I need a Rooster for my hens to lay?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions of people with chickens. Fortunately for those of us living in urban settings where a rooster would upset the neighbors, hens will lay eggs without a rooster. A hen's eggs will flow out of the ovary and through their system similar to a woman's cycle. The difference is that fertilization happens with much less frequent effort by the rooster. After a rooster and hen have been together, the hen will continue to lay fertilized eggs for some time. Hens will lay the egg whether it is fertilized or not and you can eat eggs that are fertilized or not. Some people prefer them one way or another but a fresh egg on the breakfast table will be a healthy treat either way.

Chicken Waterer tube Hose
Size 11

Qty: 10
One of each color:


Chicken Waterer tube Hose
Size 11

Qty: 25









Chicken Waterer tube Hose
Size 11

Qty: 50
Five of each color:


Chicken Waterer tube Hose
Size 11

Qty: 100


 Chicken Waterer tube Hose
Size 11

Qty: 250



The most common size leg band is Size 11 for standard chickens.
11/16" is the size we offer above
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