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Baby Chicken Questions

How much do baby chicks eat?

chicks with water

As a general rule, laying hens will eat about 9-10 pounds of food each in their first 10 weeks.

If you have 5 chicks, a 50 lb bag of feed should get you through their growing ages.

Make sure you do not switch to a layer feed to early or it can promote early growth that causes problems for the chickens.

We use a non-medicated chick starter and start feeding treats after they are a couple weeks old (strawberry tops, lettuce and many raw scraps)
If you feed treats, make sure to provide a dish of sand or fine gravel so that they can digest the food. Naturally they would be eating their food from the ground and getting little rocks and sand in the process.
We do not feed them anything that was seasoned with salt or any sauces/marinades

How hot should the chick brooder be?

chicken brooder

As a general rule, you want your heat lamp at a height that provides 95 degrees fahrenheit on the floor below for the first week.

Every week you can raise the lamp enough to drop the temperature by 5 degrees until the chicks are fully feathered and can manage without the heat lamp.

A good way to make sure the temperature is correct is by watching the chicks. If they are crammed in close together under the light, they are trying to get as much heat as possible and need the lamp closer. If they are separated and on the outsides of the brooder, it is too hot and they are trying to get away from the heat so raise the lamp.

Before they have their feathers, chicks are very susceptible to cold weather and drafts.

Try to keep any breeze blocked and the temperature as constant as possible.

Baby chick waterer

Waterer Jar and Base

chickens eat bugs and slugs

Holds 1 Gallon

Excellent for small brooder with limited space


chicken waterer cups8010 chicken waterer cupchicken 8010 waterer cup

Chicken Waterer Cup and black pvc bracket

Package of Five (5)

Connect to 1/2" pvc with provided bracket.
Nipple valve releases water when chickens drink


best waterer ever
Chicken Water Cup

Chicken Cup Waterers and 1/2" PVC Tee Bracket

Package of Five (5)

Cups attach to PVC with provided bracket
Nipple valve releases water when chickens drink


chicken water cups
chicken drinker 8010 cupchicken waterer drink cup chicken drinker cups 8010

Chicken Waterer Cup and Cage Bracket

Package of Five (5)

Connect to tubing with provided bracket.
Nipple valve releases water when chickens drink


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